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2018 Strawberry Festival Schedule


Friday, July 20th

Beer Garden Stage  

06:00pm-07:00pm The Van Redeker Band
07:30pm-11:30pm Loose Change

US Bank Stage

07:00pm-08:00pm The Bad Decisions (CANCELLED)
08:30pm-09:30pm The Jennifer Stills Band
10:00pm-11:00pm Subconscious Population 

Snapdragon Stage

06:00pm-06:45pm The Jamie Jackson Band
07:15pm-08:00pm L & J Festival Shenanigans
08:30pm-09:30pm Some’tet
10:00pm-11:00pm Saint Ophelia


Saturday, July 21st

Beer Garden Stage

01:00pm-02:00pm Gregg Curry/Ragged Glory (CANCELLED)
02:30pm-03:30pm OneNiteStand
04:00pm-05:00pm Tim Couldn’t Make It
05:30pm-06:30pm One More Mile
07:00pm-11:00pm Bill Brown & The Kingbees

US Bank Stage

01:30pm-02:30pm Island Jazz Cats
03:00pm-04:00pm Jamie Nova Sky
04:30pm-05:30pm Long Day On Mars
06:00pm-07:00pm OurDeadFathers
09:00pm-12:00am The Great Divide

Portage Fill Street Dance

07:00pm-09:00pm Portage Fill Band

VARSA Youth Stage

02:00pm-02:30pm RISK
03:30pm-04:00pm Petrichor
05:00pm-05:30pm Down To Funk
06:30pm-07:00pm Tambo
08:00pm-08:30pm Ouch Pouch
09:00pm-10:00pm Snuff Redux

Ober Park Stage

01:00pm-02:00pm Portage Fill Band
02:30pm-03:30pm Carnival Knowledge
04:00pm-05:00pm RiverBend
05:30pm-06:30pm Sharlet Crooks
07:00pm-08:00pm Little Deer

Pandora’s Box Stage

01:30pm-02:15pm John van Amerongen
02:30pm-03:15pm Steve Itterly
03:30pm-04:15pm Ron Hook
04:30pm-05:15pm Rachel Harrington
05:30pm-06:15pm John Browne

Snapdragon Stage

01:15pm-01:45pm Jon Whalen
02:00pm-02:30pm Alex Davis
02:45pm-03:15pm Amy Cole
03:30pm-04:00pm JD Hobson
04:30pm-05:30pm Rooster
06:00pm-07:00pm The FieldHands
07:30pm-08:30pm Rabble
09:00pm-09:45pm Slingshot Around The Sun
10:00pm-10:45pm KINGSLEY

Sunday, July 22nd

Beer Garden Stage

01:00-02:00pm Hot Rod Red
02:30-03:30pm The Curvettes
04:00-06:00pm Poultry In Motion

US Bank Stage

01:00pm-02:00pm Water Teacher
02:30pm-03:30pm Blue Monster
04:00pm-05:00pm Jason Sees Band

VARSA Youth Stage

11:00am-11:30am Ava Adams
12:30pm-01:00pm Jonah Winter Cole
02:00pm-02:30pm Paper Moon
03:30pm-04:00pm Abigail Neilson Band

Ober Park Stage

11:30pm-12:30pm Michael Shapiro & Jim Burke
01:00pm-02:00pm The Flying Mandolinis
02:30pm-03:30pm Annie Vergnetti Band
04:00pm-05:00pm Loose Change

Pandora's Box Stage

11:30pm-12:15pm John Schuh
12:30pm-01:15pm Henry Perrin
01:30pm-02:15pm Jim Marcotte
02:30pm-03:15pm AnR

Snapdragon Stage

12:30pm-01:00pm Some Hat
01:15pm-01:45pm Annie O'Neill
02:00pm-02:30pm Erika Lundahl
02:45pm-03:15pm Catbird
03:30pm-04:00pm These Guitars Say Sorry



A big huge thank you to our Sponsors for the 2018 Vashon Island Strawberry Festival!


Grand Parade Sponsor: John L Scott Vashon

Grand Marshal Sponsor: Vashon Fresh IGA

Snapdragon Stage:
Premier Sponsor: Camp Colvos Brewing
Supporting Sponsor: Pacific Foods International, Quarter Master Cottage

Free Range Fun Zone:
Premier Sponsor: John L Scott Vashon

Kiddie Train Sponsor:
Vashon Thriftway

Shuttle Bus Sponsor:
North End Shuttle: PSCCU
South End Shuttle: Chris Hunt and Associates

U.S. Bank Stage:
Premier Sponsor: US BANK
Street Dance Sponsors: John L. Scott & The Hardware Store Restaurant

Port-a-potties Sponsor:
Julie Hempton John L Scott Vashon

Local Artist Sponsors:
Premier Sponsor: Windermere Vashon
Supporting Sponsor: Gather Vashon

Pandora’s Box Stage:
Premier Sponsor: Pandora’s Box
Supporting Sponsors: The Rock Pizza & Pub, Sawbones, JR Crawford Windermere Vashon

The Beer Garden Stage:
Premier Sponsor: The Lodges on Vashon
Supporting Sponsors: RO Enterprises, CFM Carpeting,

Ober Park Music Stage:
Premier Sponsor: Windermere Vashon
Supporting Sponsor: Quartermaster Cottage

VARSA Youth Stage:
Premier Sponsor: VARSA
Supporting Sponsor: Scarleteen

Festival Security:
Premier Sponsor: Island Secure Storage

Classic Car Parade:
Premier Sponsor: Misty Isle Farms
Supporting Sponsor: Island Insurance Center, Sporty’s, CostCo Gig Harbor

And a big thank you to Laird Gonter & Bandstand Music for providing the sound and staging for this year's Strawberry Festival!


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