2019 Strawberry Festival Performer Application

Strawberry Festival 2019 will take place on Friday, July 19th, Saturday, July 20th and Sunday, July 21st.  

Musicians/bands should submit their 2019 Performer Applications here online at vashonevents.org.  We strongly prefer an electronic Performer Application via email or through this site because it is more environmentally conscious and it's easier for us to manage. However, bands can still submit via snail mail by sending hard copy submissions to: Vashon Chamber of Commerce;  Attention: Vashon Events; P.O. Box 1035, Vashon, WA 98070.

The Vashon Chamber of Commerce and Vashon Events added a busking spot at Strawberry Festival last year and it was quite popular. We are calling it “Strawberry Jam”. Busking is not allowed in any other location other than this sanctioned busking spot. At the sanctioned busking spot, you will be provided a tent. Musicians who are playing here may solicit tips. There will be no power supply for amplification available. In addition, busking is limited to solo and duo performers only. Groups of three or more are not permitted. It is our hope that this sanctioned busking spot will provide an opportunity for local musicians to earn money while enhancing the overall festivities of Strawberry Festival. If you are interested in being scheduled at one of these busking spots, please check the "yes" box below.

Deadline for completed 2019 SF Performer Applications is April 30th, 2019.  The sooner you apply, the better your chances are at securing a spot on one of our six outdoor stages. Once our schedule is full, we can’t book you…so please send in your info ASAP.   

Are YOU interested in busking? (see above)

Given that it is a festival atmosphere and the changeover between bands/performers needs to be as swift as possible, please be advised that we will allow 15 minutes maximum on either side for bands and 10 minutes maximum for a solo/duo/trio. 

In order to be considered for a time slot at Strawberry Festival, there are three things that we need along with this application.    

1.  Please email at least two high resolution band/performer photos for our promotional purposes to vashonevents@gmail.com.   It is important that the photos are high resolution (at least 1MB).

2.  For our sound engineers, please provide us with a Stage Plot and all sound needs for your band.  We are looking for all information that we can provide to our sound man before the event that will help cut down on lengthy set-up times.   We need names of everyone in your band, what they play and what they will need from our sound engineers.  Please fill out the Stage Plot form found on this web site and email it to vashonevents@gmail.com or snail mail it to Vashon Events; P.O. Box 2124; Vashon, WA 98070.  PLEASE DO NOT FORGET! This will guarantee that we can provide you the best sound available and have a quick and smooth change-over between acts.  If you are having a hard time printing out this Stage Plot, email us and we will send you the Word document version.  There will also be blank Stage Plot forms available at the Vashon Chamber Office - just stop by and pick one up if it's easier for you.  You can also drop them off there once they are filled out.   

3.  A Press Release or bio about you or your band.  Preferably only one paragraph for print in the Beachcomer and Loop, our local newspapers here on Vashon Island.

Thank you for providing us with this information.  Making this an open process allows it to be a fair selection, with the understanding that we will do everything possible to accommodate everyone, but it will depend on how many applications are received.  We plan to review all applications and make our performer selections no later than June 1st, 2019.  Those selected will be notified at once. Strawberry Festival information, rules and regulations, directions, scheduled load-in and set times, parking information, etc. will be emailed to the musicians.  Parking passes will be snail mailed to the musicians. Please make sure the mailing address in your submission is the one you will want parking passes sent to.  Each musician’s sound and stage requirements will be documented for our sound engineers in an organized folder well in advance.  Any last minute changes will need to be done on the fly, the day of the event, we cannot make changes once you’ve submitted your information.

In previous years we have been unable to compensate band members for music performances.  Staffed completely by volunteers, Strawberry Festival is free to attend and has no admission fee so most of the acts that performed each year did so without compensation, as a contribution to the Vashon community.  

So Allison and I went to work on this with Jim Marsh at the Vashon Chamber in 2015 and as a result of our meetings, we are proud to announce that in collaboration with the Vashon Chamber of Commerce, all musicians will now be paid a small stipend of $20 per person for performing at the 2019 Vashon Island Strawberry Festival. We understand if it’s not enough for some musicians and respect that completely. We are working hard to try to increase that amount. When you have 200-300 musicians performing, it adds up quickly. 

Please remember that this festival draws over 30,000 people over the course of the weekend.  Musicians are encouraged to sell merchandise at their designated stage time slots.   

We are working hard to bring in more revenue so we can pay our world-class acts that make us so proud, but we're not there yet.  Music is a huge part of any culture and ours is no exception.  We really want to thank all of the great artists who have supported our community by playing from our stages every year.  We enjoy a diverse selection of world-class music, and that makes us proud.  We are looking forward to more of the same this year!

Checklist – must submit for consideration:

____  At least two high-resolution musician/band photos (emailed to vashonevents@gmail.com)

____  A musician/band bio or Press Release - one paragraph please (emailed to vashonevents@gmail.com)

____ Stage Plot along with sound needs (emailed to vashonevents@gmail.com, snail mail or drop off at the Vashon Chamber Office) Click here to download.

____  Performer Application filled out online (right here on this page)

Thank you so much for your interest!

Pete Welch & Allison Shirk, Music Coordinators- Vashon Events - Vashon Island Strawberry Festival 2019  

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