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Vashon Events is pleased to book many of the venues and festivals on Vashon Island. Here is what you need to know and how to apply for each venue/festival.

Just Beginning? That’s okay, everyone has to start somewhere. You might want to start by going to an Open Mic to practice performing in front of an audience. There is currently an Open Mic at Vashon Brewing Community Pub on the last Wednesday of the month. Come back to Vashon Events for booking when you have a press kit all ready to go.

Press Kits: Almost all of the venues that Vashon Events books require that musicians and bands have a press kit ready including photographs, recordings, video, and the ability to create promotional posters. If you do not have a press kit ready, please come back and apply when you do. Visit our Musician Resources page for help.


Please complete this form to request booking at one of the regular venues we book.

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