Jamie Nova Sky

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band bio:

JAMIE NOVA SKY Following her 6 years dedicated to the All Female AC/DC tribute, Hell’s Belles (Seattle, WA), Jamie Nova set out to create the music that was manifesting itself within her soul. In 2010 she recorded and released her first album “The Softer Side” (produced by Jack Endino) following with a short tour in The Netherlands and Spain. 

Six short years later she has formed an amazing band with the talents of JT Phillips on Guitar, Rick Friel on Bass and Christopher Kiger on Drums. They have just released their latest full length album, “This is Life” which has been received with raving reviews. 

With over 15 years of touring under they constantly maintain a very serious level of professionalism and never disappoint with their high energy show and positive vibe. Bringing some happiness and inspiration along with some soul filled music, Jamie Nova Sky is a guaranteed good time for everyone. Jamie Nova’s vocals have been compared to the late Janis Jopling, Mellissa Ethridge, with a blend of Pink and Lady Gaga thrown in the mix. Powerful and Raw this band is a must see.