Jason Sees Band

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band bio:

Jason Sees Band's fifth installment has essentially re-defined their sound. A light hearted, electric guitar driven, rock collection. It sharply contradicts Jason's usual themes of solace and introspection. Troubadour roots be dammed, Jason rocks here and Seattle's indie music community is finally showing signs of coming to life.

"I tried to lighten up the conceptualization. I picked up my 335 and haven't put it down" Jason says, as we catch up back stage before a show at High Dive, Seattle, WA. "These are all contributing factors to this new direction of music. But I tried to hold on to my roots while progressing, in the middle of some of the more light hearted songs you will still here my usual rhetorical style for those that care to listen." I have seen Jason Sees Band perform before, I was enamored at the attention and focus the crowds give him, he draws them in to his world. This time was a little different, driving beats and songs about doing the robot dance had the crowd bobbing and weaving, feet stomping, and drinks spilling. It is a fun departure and one well deserved by the band. "My band has been with me through a lot, put up with a lot of troubadour introspection and heart ache. I owed them some songs to let loose on. And that is just what we did."

Jason isn't wrong, dance beats and guitar amps, bass lines walk and synths grind and swirl. Robot Dance EP has a little bit of something for everyone and we suggest you listen up. Jason Sees Band has been at it for a while, releasing new music consistently on cue. It is clear that in an indie music scene of similar's, Jason Sees Band is taking a left and going the wrong way down a one way street. We like Robot Dance EP and think you will too. It is available everywhere there is music, 3/2/2018. - The Old School Project