Vashon Event's Music Lessons Directory

This directory is another way that Vashon Events supports musicians and grows musicians. While we don't endorse any of the teachers on the site, we do know that Vashon has a great selection of music teachers. For helpful tips on selecting a music teacher that is right for you or your children, check out our tips section below.

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Tips for choosing an instructor:

Choosing the right teacher is important to the success of your learning. Here are some great questions to ask your teacher before you get started.

1) What is their pay structure? Do you need to pay a month in advance? Remember, this is how many of the Island's musicians make their living. Always pay for lessons on time.

2) What is their cancellation policy? Do they need 48 hours notice? Can you reschedule for a different time or do you need to wait till the next week? Respect your teacher's time. Be on-time for lessons and ready to learn with all the equipment and tools you need. Don't cancel just because you are having a bad day or don't feel like going. Sometimes music is just what you need to feel better.

3) What is their video/recording policy? We are lucky today to have access to great technology. Find out if you can record parts of your lesson to make practice easier and more productive in-between sessions.

4) What is their teaching style? Do they have their own curriculum, or do you set the pace and direction? Talk about what you want to learn up front to make sure that the lessons will be tailored to your needs.

5) What tools and resources do you need? Find out what books or other tools you will need. Know what the costs are up front so that there wont be surprises. If you don't already have an instrument, talk to your teacher before buying one. They may have resources and tips to share, even before you start your lessons.