Band & Musicians Planning Meetings for 2019

As a part of the mission of Vashon Events, we want to set up a meeting with you and/or your
band to talk about how Vashon Events can support you with your music.

We are setting up meetings for January in which we will talk about your schedule of
performances on Vashon in 2019, find out what help you might need with your
press packet, and catch up with you on your goals and objectives.

We have concluded our band meetings for 2019. If you missed a chance to meet with us,
please email us at and we should be able to handle
bookings for Vashon venues via email. Sorry we missed you!


wednesday, january 9th - our home on south end
(snacks provided!)

10-11AM - Rachel Harrington
12-1PM - Some’tet (Michael)
1-2PM - Rooster (Rick)
2-3PM - John Van Amerongen
3-4PM - Available
5:30-6:30PM - Blue Monster (J.P.)
6:30-7:30PM - Jamie Jackson Band (Jessica)

thursday, january 10th - our home on south end
(snacks provided!)

10-11AM - Available
12-1PM - RiverBend (Chuck)
1-2PM - The Curvettes (Elaine)
2-3PM - Greg Dember
3-4PM - Little Creatures (Andy)
5:30-6:30PM - Tim Couldn’t Make It (Doug)
6:30-7:30PM - Sarah Christine

saturday, january 12th - our home on south end
(snacks provided!)

10-11AM - Kenny Alton
12-1PM - Tab Tabscott Trio
1-2PM - Available
2-3PM - Available
3-4PM - Available

monday, january 14th - minglement

9:30-10:30AM - Gus Reeves
10:30-11:30AM - Catbird (Jim)
11:30AM-12:30PM - OneNiteStand (Luke)


9:30-10:30AM - Steve Amsden
10:30-11:30AM - JD Hobson
11:30AM-12:30PM - Steve Itterly
12:30PM-1:30PM - Camille Reeves


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Here’s what you need to bring:

  • 2019 Calendar: We will be prepared to schedule your band out for performance for 2019. If you would like to participate in scheduling your year out (and get the best dates available for your band), you will need to bring your calendar for 2019. In order to be as efficient as possible, please talk to your band in advance to get blackout dates.

    Please be prepared to discuss:

  • Your goals and objectives:
    Are you recording this year or releasing an album?
    Do you have a vision to perform at a new venue on the Island?
    Would you like to create/perform at house concerts?
    Other thoughts?

  • Your strengths and needs:
    What resources do you need to improve and/or grow your audience? What information about yourself or your band are you trying to get out there?
    What can Vashon Events do to help you in this process?

Thank you! We look forward to meeting with you!