Vashon Calling CD Pre-Order


Vashon Calling CD Pre-Order


Vashon Calling
A Compilation Album of Vashon Musicians
Volume I

Help support Vashon Events by pre-ordering a Vashon Calling Album! Vashon Events will produce a curated selection of songs by Vashon Island musicians. These unique CDs will introduce you to new artists that showcase the talent of Vashon Island.

1 Pete Droge and Elaine Summers - Island

2 Jeff Kanzler - If You Ever Wish

3 Sarah Christine - By the Sea

4 JD Hobson - Darkest Hour Has Passed

5 Rachel Harrington - House of Cards

6 Ian Moore - Saturday Night

7 Danny Newcomb - Complicated

8 Kat Eggleston - Home

9 Rusty Willoughby - Cobirds Unite

10 Publish the Quest - Then What!?

11 Saint Ophelia - You Are

12 Allison Shirk - Break My Heart

Plus a bonus track by Martin Feveryear!

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