There are many ways you can donate to Vashon Events! Every gift is appreciated!

One-Time Donation | Recurring Donation | Volunteer | Album Compilation Project | Join the 100 Music Lover’s Campaign

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Become a Recurring Donor!

Giving a monthly donation to Vashon Events is a great way to sustain our work. 


Join our Music Lovers Campaign!

We are seeking 100 music lovers to join our Music Lover Campaign by donating $100. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for support our programming such as our music instrument library, music teacher directory, concerts, festivals, and other live music offerings. Our mission is to build community and support local musicians.  Will you join us? Stand up, be counted, and then dance!

Vashon Musician Compilation Album

We are seeking donations to help produce a compilation album of Vashon Musicians. Our goal is to raise $4,048 to pay for songs, mastering, and the physical CD/download cards. Donate $50 or more and get listed as a producer on the album. We expect this annual album series to provide sustainable income to support our work.


Become a Volunteer!

Our volunteers have fun! Join the party by signing up for our volunteer roster. Once you sign up, we’ll let you know where the party is and you can let us know if you can make it. Your time and talents are very much appreciated!

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Make a One-Time Donation!

All donations are appreciated, large and small! Click the button below to make a one time donation of any size. Thank you!

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Sponsor Us As a Business!

Promote your business while supporting our work. Sponsorship opportunities include underwriting for our website and newsletter as well as sponsorship opportunities for special events.