Loose Change


band bio:

A longtime Vashon favorite, this band aims to entertain with non-stop danceable tunes - R&B, swing, and the occasional disco hit. Inspired by the movie “The Commitments,” the band’s leader and powerful front man Troy Kindred is an entertainer in every sense of the word. His infectious energy and enthusiasm gets the crowd into the act – and his vocals will tear the paint off the back walls.

Kindred is backed by a tight 13-piece band that includes the talented Randy Bruce on keyboards and a solid rhythm section. Dynamic horns and backup chick singers add sass and spice. The sheer size of Loose Change makes for a big sound and a fun show. The band will be opening the festival at the Beer Garden on Friday night!

Loose Change is:

Randy Bruce-Keyboard

Matt Eggleston-Bass

Rick Dousett-Guitar

Jessie Whitford-Drums/Percussion

Colin Pottenger-Drums/Percussion

Jim Ferrari-Sax

Gary Milligan-Trumpet

Charlie Kipp-Sax

Van Crozier-Sax

Lori Means-Vocals

Roxanne Lyons-Vocals

Regina Lyons Vocals

Elaine Ott-Rocheford-Vocals

Troy Kindred-Vocals