The Bad Decisions

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band bio:

“The Bad Decisions" are quickly setting Vashon Island on fire since their recent inception (as The Van Hellions) just a short few months ago. They’ve been building a buzz since they started conspiring on heavy originals and hard rock covers.”

The band started in late 2017 when Tim Norton from Regional Faction and Scotty Hayes from Morphius started collaborating with singer songwriter extraordinaire Gregg Curry from Ragged Glory, Ghost Dance, Branch Ricky and a brilliant solo career. Gregg’s got a voice like a metal Bowie. The band was soon joined by Dan Ellsworth from Demon Dogs and Midnight Idols; Dan and Scotty first started playing together in 1980, they were 13 years old.

It was evident right away that the band jelled rather well and understood each other’s grooves, they’ve decided to keep the demons though. “Dan is the best 6 string guitar player I’ve ever heard”, says Scotty, “he’s simply rocking the bass in Van Hellions!” Tim is incredibly well versed with playing faster punk rock, and Gregg is renowned in country / folk-rock style and he’s psyched to belt out hard rock with this band; this combination gives The Bad Decisions their unique sound and they’re determined to rock hard until the wheels fall off.