Subconscious Population

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band bio:

Subconscious Population…a band that everyone knows and is a huge part of Island history when it comes to music. If you think that maybe, just maybe… on a quiet summer night, sitting on your porch perhaps…you might have heard wisps of “Jah Lee Kali”, “Funkified” or “One in a Million” floating through the air…you just might have.

Yes, one of the island’s most mysterious and captivating bands ever is back at it and having a blast blazing through their classic songs, as well as creating their own spin on some very cool covers. Like Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”…or Jimi’s “All Along The Watchtower”. These boys are having some fun and if you’re lucky, you’ll hear some of that from your porch, if the wind carries it just right.  Now it’s time we call them out for one of their captivating magical mystery shows…