Kenny Alton

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Kenny Alton has beenn playing in bands since he was fifteen years old. His love for music was ignited while living in Thailand. Kenny was six when a visiting uncle brought him The Beatles Revolver album and some American grape bubble gum. Accidentally putting on side two and hearing George Harrison's riff and then John Lennon's voice on "She Said She Said", I knew from that moment that I found my true love. Everything musically that Kenny's done is traced to that moment.

Kenny has been part of the Seattle music scene since the 90's and his band Six Select released three CD's and had very positive reviews. The music is available on iTunes and Cd Baby. Kenny's other band Sugar Fiend released a CD and the music can be heard on his Sound Cloud site - under Tiger Tea. Kenny toured with Hedwig and the Angry Inch as the bass player and the guitarist/keyboards.

Kenny is now slowly recording the more personal acoustic songs that never made it on the various band CD's, the demos can be heard on Soundcloud - under Tiger Tea, songs that he feels are more personal, more of a conversation, more intimate.