Rick & Andy Doussett

Rick and Andy Pic.png

band bio:

Yes, they can finish each other’s sentences and believe they know what the other is thinking but that doesn’t get in the way of the musical chemistry.

Andy has been playing music all his life, and if not on an instrument, then he is singing. (Sometimes not in the most appropriate of settings) He played Tenor Saxophone in the Vashon High School band, he sang a lead part in the musical Chicago, as well as played bass guitar in early bands. He is currently the bass player and joins Rick in lead vocal duties in the Funk/Rock band Rooster.

Rick has had a lifetime of guitar. Mostly known for his electric excursions, he is an accomplished acoustic player, songwriter, recordist, producer and band member as well.

The duo will be pulling from their deep history to perform in a more acoustic manner and no doubt some silliness will ensue. You may ask “What style of music will be on offer”? The answer is YES!