Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire and connect the community as the premiere source for entertainment events on Vashon Island, to support local artists/musicians, and to create events that engage our community.


Our Timeline

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Board of Directors

We are grateful to our Board of Directors for their support and guidance of Vashon Events.

Amanda Kelly, Social Media Expert
Jennifer Olsen, Human Resources Consultant
Wesley Peterson, Musician and Utility Lineman
Ron Hook, Musician and Artist
Jacob Bain, Musician, Film
Sarah Christine, Musician
Seeking new board members!


Pete Welch, Co-Director

Pete Welch has a background in event management and has been booking live music and performance for nearly twenty years. Prior to founding Vashon Events, Pete was the Production Manager for a Seattle firm.

Allison Shirk, Co-Director

Allison Shirk has more than twenty years experience in Nonprofit Management and Fund Development. Prior to founding Vashon Events, Allison was a Nonprofit Consultant and Executive Director for Spark the Fire Grantwriting. Allison is also a professional musician -singer-songwriter and guitarist.


Vashon Events was founded in 2013 to provide information to the community on all the events that are happening on Vashon Island. We started a website - VashonEvents.com - and a newsletter, the Vashon Skinny, to organize a hub for information about what is happening on Vashon Island. We use posters on our home page to provide a beautiful, visual bulletin board where you can quickly find out all the events that are happening, and we send out a weekly newsletter about all the events on the Island. Today, we have more than 2,300 subscribers to the Vashon Skinny weekly newsletter and thousands of events posted on our website each year. Our website is viewed by more than 25,000 unique visitors yearly.

Vashon Events is the premiere source for information about what is happening on the island. Founded as a partnership, Vashon Events became a nonprofit organization in 2016 and received its 501(c)(3) status in 2018.

Support for local musicians & artists

We support local musicians and artists by providing programs and services dedicated to helping them succeed in making their art. 

  • Bookings - We book local musicians at a variety of locations and help bands plan out their yearly calendar for musical performance on the Island. We only book performances where musicians are paid a fee for their service.

  • Music Instrument Library - Our Music Instrument Library loans musical instruments to children and adults who would like to borrow an instrument. We also provide amplifiers, cords, tuners, and other accessories needed to make music.

  • Music Teacher Directory - Our Music Teacher Director provides a portal for information about local music teachers so students of all ages can learn to play music on a range of instruments.

  • Youth Programs / Sharing the Stage - We provide youth mentorship programming for young musicians that includes opening for bands, a dedicated stage at Strawberry Festival, and more recently managing the Sharing the Stage concerts on Vashon Island.

Creating Events that engage the community

Vashon Events curates concerts and performances that increase access for the community to enjoy music and the arts. This includes:

  • Vashon Island Strawberry Festival

  • Vashon Island Concerts in the Park

  • Vashon Community Care (Assisted Living Facility)

  • Art Galleries

  • Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi

  • Snapdragon Bakery

  • Vashon Brewing Community Pub

  • The Hardware Store Restaurant

We also host events at other locations for special events and book music for private events and parties.

Life is short...music, art, and culture enrich our lives by stimulating our senses and broadening our life perspective.   We encourage you to participate in the awesome events that are happening every week all over the Island and enjoy the company of your neighbors and fellow Islanders.

Financial Transparency

We believe in financial transparency. Please feel free to review our tax return from 2018 and important policy and procedures.

2018 990 Tax Return

Conflict of Interest Policy

Whistleblower Policy



Mailing Address:
Vashon Events
P.O. Box 2124
Vashon, WA   98070

Email: vashonevents@gmail.com