Vashon Musician Directory


It all started when…

We are starting a Vashon Musician Directory to help musicians connect with each other. It will also help Vashon Events find more musicians and understand what the total musician population on Vashon is. Our plan is to collect data, refine the questions based on the responses, continue to collect data, and then make the Directory available to those who participated in it. You will be able to decide if you want your information to be shared with other musicians and/or if you want it to be kept by Vashon Events only for aggregate data or use for bookings. Ready to get started? This is going to be so cool!

NOTE: Only a few of the questions are required, signified by an asterisk.* If you feel uncomfortable answering something, just skip it. These questions were compiled based on what other musicians wanted to find out about each other.

This is only for Vashon Musicians. Please do not submit to this form if you are a touring band seeking a gig. If you are a touring band seeking a gig, email us at 

Name *
Music Instruments You Play Well *
Availability for Collaboration
Are you available to play/perform with others?
If you are available for collaboration, what time/days are you available?
Style of Music
Check the types of musical styles you perform or are interested in performing.
Are you interested in performing cover songs or original songs?
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Solo Performer
Are you able to perform solo?
Level of Experience
Years of Experience
Professional Musician?
Does all or some of your income come from performing music?
List the names of bands you are currently performing with.
List the names of bands you have performed with in the past that are no longer actively performing.
If applicable, please enter your YouTube Channel link.
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If applicable, please list your band website.
Do You Teach Music Lessons?
Feel free to add whatever else you would like other musicians to know about you. (Optional)
List your instruments and serial numbers if you would like in case of theft and/or lost and found instruments.